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Keweenaw Brewing Company Pick Axe Blonde

Style: American Blonde

ABV: ???

I was completely unable to find any information of the alcohol content of Pick Axe Blonde.  For some reason, it’s not on the can.

At any rate, this beer delivers what it promises.  It’s a perfectly blonde beer, with a medium-full body that is heftier than I expected.  I do like my blondes with a lot of body .  As the side of the can says it has just a kiss of hops, which is refreshing in these days of hop hysteria.  It’s almost too full-bodied for back porch sipping, but it has a great balance of maltiness and sweetness.  That and the busty blonde babe on the can, and you can’t go wrong.  I think I’m developing a big crush on this blonde.

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