I’m Josh, an independent blogger and I write about what I drink. That happens to be Michigan wine and cider, American whiskey, Candian whisky, brandy, gin and other things. I now have an email address for this thing: sipologyblog@gmail.com. Please address correspondence thataways.

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  1. Hey Josh,

    I am a relatively new bourbon drinker… and also relatively new father. One thing that struck me as incredibly cool about bourbon is its theoretical infinite life (left unopened).

    I had visions of buying a single high quality bottle to celebrate each major event in my son’s life… eventually turning the bottle over to my son once he turns 21. (How cool would it be for the same exact bottle with the same exact flavor profile be used to mark my son’s birth, graduation, wedding, first job, his kid’s birth… potentially reaching across 3 generations or more???)

    To ensure each drink tasted exactly the same (from today to 100 years from now)… I was hoping to break down the bottle into 15 individual 50mL bottles.

    To the best of my knowledge… it does not appear that there is anything like this on the market. As such, I just documented the idea on Quirky yesterday (a crowd sourced invention website). Here is a link to my post (http://www.quirky.com/invent/702532/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all ) … and also a great Inc article story on this crowd sourcing website should you pick up my story (http://www.inc.com/magazine/201310/josh-dean/is-quirky-the-worlds-most-creative-manufacturer.html).

    Story Angle for You: Is heirloom packaging as I have discussed (and included a photo summarizing my idea more completely) a noble idea within the bourbon community? Will it/would it expand the mass market appeal and awareness of premium bourbon… or will/would it cause a drop in consumption? My initial impression is that traditional bourbon brands would resist the trend (as they would prefer a new bottle be purchased and consumed per occasion, rather than one special bottle being spread across events)… but this resistance could be overcome if the concept attracted mass appeal. What if a premium bottle of bourbon and heirloom packaging became a must have baby shower gift for every expectant father? Would son’s then grow up with a much larger appreciation for fine bourbon… and turn out becoming much bigger consumers a generation from now than they otherwise would have been?

    Recap: Again, I am a newbie to the bourbon world… so if this is an old story that has already been discussed before, please feel free to dismiss… but, if not… why isn’t it being discussed? To my knowledge, whiskey (and a few other fine base liquors) is the only consumable product that does not age and has the power to connect generations. How cool!

    Best regards,

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