Last Night

Motor City Brew Works Amber Wheat

Style: Wheat

ABV: ???

In spite of what the brewer at Royal Oak Brewery would have you think, I do enjoy wheat beers.  So when my friend ordered the seasonal Amber Wheat when we met up at the Motor City Brew Works (MCBW), I made it a pitcher.  MCBW is best known for its Ghetto Blaster Ale, very popular in these parts.

The Wheat is a nice dark orange color and the pitcher came with an abundance of oranges.  It is medium-bodied and a bit light on flavor.  If you like wheats, then you may be a bit disappointed, but if you don’t, you might be pleasantly surprised.

MCBW is located in mid-town Detroit and has a wonderful brewpub that is perfect for warm-weather sipping.  The whole building seems to open up into the outside, with the feel of a beachside bar.  It has a fairly large, airy rooftop seating area, where my friend and I sat.  As the setting sun beat down on us the pitcher shrank and the conversation grew, and I was reminded that sometimes it’s not about the beer.

3 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. Yes it is. There is a bit of that I must admit, but there were a variety of people when we were there and it’s perfect for this kind of weather.

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