Hayman’s Old Tom Gin

Maker: Hayman, London, England, UKHaymans_OldTom_Path

Distiller: Thames Distillers, London, England, UK

ABV: 40%

Appearance: Clear.

Nose: Lime peel, juniper, a bit of horehound, anise, sweet cinnamon.

On the palate: Full-bodied. Sweet, slightly fruity, some heat and licorice.

Finish: Sweet, old fashioned candy. Lingers a very long time.

Mixed: Does very well in all applications. May get a little lost in a Tom Collins, but more than holds its own with tonic. The bitterness of the tonic is a very pleasant counterpoint to the fruity candy flavors of this gin. The same is true for a dry martini. The bitter herbal notes of the vermouth are a perfect foil for Hayman’s Old Tom.

Parting words: This is the second Old Tom gin I have reviewed on the blog and this is the better of the two. It’s more balanced and complex than Ransom and a little closer to a classic dry gin profile. But dry it is not. It’s got loads of sweet, fruity flavors in addition to the sharp botanical flavors. This balance makes it a perfect gin for classic cocktails and even for the occasional sip neat. An excellent gin from start to finish. Hayman’s Old Tom is highly recommended.

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