Jim Beam (White Label)

Maker: Jim Beam, Clermont/Boston, Kentucky, USA (Beam)

Age: 4 y/o

Proof: 80

Appearance: Medium gold.

Nose: Corn syrup, alcohol, caramel, semi-rancid walnuts.

On the palate: Light-bodied and mild. Burn caramel, pecans.

Finish: Some caramel candy flavors, some bitterness, no discernible oak.

Parting words: Jim Beam is the best-selling brand of bourbon whiskey in the world. I have trouble figuring out why.

White label Jim Beam is the first bourbon I ever tried back when I was 21. If memory serves, it tasted better than this, but memory is a tricky thing. I do remember thinking that I liked it better than Jack Daniels back then. Jack lacked the character of Jim. I still think that’s the case. While Beam isn’t very good, it has more going on than Jack Daniels. That’s something. It’s cheaper, which is also something. I cannot recommend Jim Beam white label, but Beam does have better products just a little farther up the shelf. Beam Black label, Distiller’s Series, Baker’s, Knob Creek and Booker’s are all good, though not always good bargains.

One thought on “Jim Beam (White Label)

  1. Beam white is suitable for mixing with cola or for removing heel marks from linoleum when dabbed on a tea towel.

    My neighbor drinks it on the rocks.

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