Jim Beam (White Label)

Maker: Jim Beam, Clermont/Boston, Kentucky, USA (Beam)

Age: 4 y/o

Proof: 80

Appearance: Medium gold.

Nose: Corn syrup, alcohol, caramel, semi-rancid walnuts.

On the palate: Light-bodied and mild. Burn caramel, pecans.

Finish: Some caramel candy flavors, some bitterness, no discernible oak.

Parting words: Jim Beam is the best-selling brand of bourbon whiskey in the world. I have trouble figuring out why.

White label Jim Beam is the first bourbon I ever tried back when I was 21. If memory serves, it tasted better than this, but memory is a tricky thing. I do remember thinking that I liked it better than Jack Daniels back then. Jack lacked the character of Jim. I still think that’s the case. While Beam isn’t very good, it has more going on than Jack Daniels. That’s something. It’s cheaper, which is also something. I cannot recommend Jim Beam white label, but Beam does have better products just a little farther up the shelf. Beam Black label, Distiller’s Series, Baker’s, Knob Creek and Booker’s are all good, though not always good bargains.