Southern Belle Shiraz

Maker: R Wines (now bankrupt), location ???, Australia

Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia, Australia

Grape: Shiraz/Syah

Vintage: 2008

ABV: ??%

Appearance: Very dark purple, nearly black.

Nose: Black currant, concord grape jelly, plum, pecan, nutmeg.

On the palate: Not what I was expecting from a wine with such a typical Shiraz nose. Fairly light. The pecans have come to the fore. Little tannin, but softly sweet like the previous occupant of its barrel. Strawberries, vanilla, black currant, caramel, toffee.

Finish: Sweet and mild. Lingers on the lips like a faint hint of a stolen kiss. Faint barrel notes on the back end.

Parting Words: What makes this wine remarkable is its finish. It is not only finished in a bourbon barrel, but in a barrel out of which had come Pappy Van Winkle 20 y/o bourbon, one of the most expensive and most sought-after bourbons on the market. I had this when it was first released and it was really all over the place. Not a fun drinking experience. Like any true Southern Belle, this wine has aged gracefully. The flavors are much more integrated and she has grown into a refined, sophisticated lady.

Southern Belle is gone from the  store shelves, but bottles can still be found in private cellars if one asks around. A delight from top to luscious bottom, Southern Belle Shiraz is highly recommended.

Thanks to Oscar for cracking his open and getting me a sample.

18 thoughts on “Southern Belle Shiraz

    1. you’re welcome! Intriguing it is. I still have a bottle cellared. If you ever make it over here we can open it!

      1. Man, that is practically in the neighborhood! We don’t have a car (who needs one in Ann Arbor), but hold on to that bottle, would love to experience it together…you know, I spent considerable time in Kentucky, that is why your blog’s mix of bourbon and wine is so intriguing…

      2. great! glad you like the blog. Wine and bourbon are my loves. Shoot me an email and we can find a time to have a few drinks sometime!

  1. The ABV is 17.6%. I never thought about it before i think I just assumed it was 11-12%.
    The alcohol definatley doesn’t get in the way.
    Yeah, and I got one mored in the basement.

    1. Thanks for the information, Oscar! You’re dead on with the ABV too. You’d never guess it was that high.

  2. Do you think it is possible that the wine picked up some alcohol while being aged in the Pappy barrel?

  3. I have most of a case of this resting in my basement and I’m anxious to open another bottle soon. I do pick up a hint of the bourbon on the nose but you’re correct that there’s little indication of the high ABV while drinking it. Not wine drinker per se, but I really enjoy this one.

    Gobs of brooding dark fruit…delightful.

  4. i am looking everywhere for this bottle of wine i want to buy a few bottles but cant find any! if you would like to sell a few please let me know!

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