La Parcela, no. 1 Pumpkin Ale

Maker: Jolly Pumpkin, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Style: Oak-aged Pumpkin-spiced ale

ABV: 5.9%

Appearance: Burnt orange with a frothy head.

Nose: Bright, citrus, pumpkin.

On the palate: Medium-bodied. Fresh Pumpkin puree, some bitterness, light sweetness. Not over-spiced or over-oaked. Actually neither make much of an appearance at all.

Finish: Light, pumpkin-y and slightly sour. Fades quickly.

Parting Words: This is a pleasantly pumpkin-y ale. The cacao and other spices are so far submerged, they might as well be absent. Still, this isn’t a a bad thing. This is one pumpkin ale that actually tastes like a pumpkin actually tastes. Recommended.

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