1792 Ridgemont Reserve

Maker: Barton-1792, Bardstown, Kentucky (Sazerac)

Age: 8 y/o

Proof: 93.7 (46.85% ABV)

Appearance: middle-aged copper with big, thick legs that cling tenaciously to the glass.

Nose: Cotton candy, strawberry ice cream, a bit of wood and vanilla.

On the palate: Sweet, then some burn, fairly full bodied. More cotton candy, vanilla, strawberry and tart cherry pie, bubble gum.

Finish: Burn with a hint of candy. Very little wood, though.

Parting words: I dunno…this is a toughy. My opinion of 1792 changes quite a bit depending on the time of day and what else I’ve been drinking. Before supper or as the first whiskey of the evening, it is very tasty. After something more boldly flavored like Four Roses Single Barrel or Evan Williams Single Barrel (both close to the same age) 1792 falls flat. It makes a smooth Manhattan but I like mine with a little more spice and wood. To sum up, it ain’t bad, but it ain’t great either. I have to come down somewhere though, so I’m giving 1792 a mild recommendation.