Benromach 10 y/o

Maker: Benromach, Forres, Moray, Scotland, UK (Gordon & McPhail)20160310_190411-1.jpg

Region: Speyside (Northwest)

ABV: 43%

Michigan State Minimum: $63

Appearance: Medium copper with medium legs.

Nose: Big malt, new leather, alcohol. As it sits, the leather settles into an old oak aroma.

Palate: Full bodied and medium sweet. Toffee, brown butter, dried red chili.

Finish: Warm and a little chewy.

Parting words: Given the expense of decent single malts, I’m always on the lookout for miniature bottles of SMS for blogging purposes. I picked the one the I used for this review at Vine & Table in Carmel, Indiana (I think).

I like Benromach labels and liked most of G & P’s private bottlings I’ve had, so I was looking forward to opening this bottle. When I first opened it, I wasn’t impressed. It seemed unbalanced and sulphury, especially in the nose. As it sat (or as my palate adjusted itself) I came to enjoy it quite a bit. It’s simple, but the toffee flavor is really hitting the spot for me. Benromach 10 is a simple, affordable dram suitable for after-dinner sipping with friends. Recommended.

3 thoughts on “Benromach 10 y/o

  1. Josh,
    I remember talking to the corporate secretary before I was scheduled to report to the CEO on one of my projects. He said, “If JPW likes it, he won’t care what it cost. If he doesn’t like it, he won’t care how cheap it was.”
    Yet again I am impressed by the fact that for $63 you can get a “simple, affordable dram.” For the same $63 you can get an outstanding bourbon. But if you don’t like bourbon, the fact that it costs less just proves that it really isn’t worth much.

    1. Bourbon is objectively still a much better bargain than SMS, but I’m not sure I understand your last sentence.

  2. Some people equate cost with quality. (“You get what you pay for.”) So, if it is less expensive, it can’t possibly be any good. The fact that even superb bourbon can cost less than mediocre SMS is just more evidence, for them, that bourbon is just a blue collar drink unworthy of serious consideration. Besides, if they don’t care for the taste of bourbon because it is “too sweet” or “too woody,” it doesn’t really matter that bourbon costs less. Count me among those who are happy that there are so many outstanding bourbons to be had for less than $30.

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