Bastille 1789

Maker: Daucourt , Angoulême, France

Style: Blended (Malt/Wheat) Whisky.

Age: NAS

ABV: 40%

Michigan State Minimum: $27

Thanks to Keith for the sample.

Appearance: Bright gold with thin legs.

Nose: Similar to an Irish whiskey but fruitier. Alcohol, malt, raisins, cherry pie.

Palate: Medium bodied and light. Some burn, malt, sugar plums, dried figs.

Finish: Alcohol burn, cherry juice, then a big weird blast of dried chili chipotle.

Mixed: The Bastille website recommends three cocktails: a manhattan, whisky sour and an old fashioned. The old fashioned was very good. The fruity notes came out without too much of the chipotle. The manhattan was really exceptional. The fruity aromas dovetailed perfectly with the red vermouth. I didn’t try the sour because I was too lazy.

Parting words: My expectations were low coming into this review. I expected it to be boring and flawed. While it wasn’t exactly a barnburner of a whisky, it wasn’t bad and was just different enough to be interesting, at least until the end of the sample bottle. The price is not too bad either. It’s in the same price range as Jameson and it compares favorably to it. It mixes very nicely which is a nice bonus. It won’t knock your socks off but as a curiosity (ever tried a French whisky?), change of pace and mixer it’s worth buying. Bastille 1789 is recommended.

3 thoughts on “Bastille 1789

  1. I bought this several months ago (in May 2014) from an end cap “Special Price” on a whim (French whisky 20% off? Sure, I’ll try it). Like you, I’d put its complexity and nose on a par with basic Irish whiskies or even to Hibiki rather than with bourbon or rye. It does work well as a mixer; it doesn’t overwhelm or add any dominant flavors but does add interest to cocktails. Considering the French distill lots of things (Calvados, Armagnac, etc.), I shouldn’t have been surprised. I wouldn’t buy lots (because I prefer the higher proof and flavors of bourbon), but I don’t think it’s a clunker. In fact, it works for guests who don’t like bourbon or rye.

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