Special Sneak Preview: Two new beers from Rochester Mills

A good friend works for a beer distributor that handles this brewery’s products. They wanted to know what he thought of these beers and he was gracious enough to share his sample cans with me. These are my notes slightly amplified.

Lazy Dazersz_beer_004

Style: Amber lager (“German Style”)

ABV: 5% (or somewhere in there)

Notes: Made with Munich malt and German hops. Sessionable, malty and only slightly sweet. Hops balance it out nicely. Fairly dry. Pleasantly bitter finish. Octoberfest-ish. Recommended

Michigan Maple Brown Ale

Style: Brown Ale (with maple flavor? Or maybe not.)

ABV: 6-7% (?)

Notes: The label says this beer was inspired by and intended for people out collecting tree sap for making maple syrup. Alrighty then. Nose is slightly sweet and malty. In the mouth, a bit of maple, but mostly reminded my friend and me of Honey Brown. Slightly toasty. Finish was very mild and a bit underwhelming. Good enough, but not especially interesting. Mild recommendation.

Thanks again to Oscar for sharing!

5 thoughts on “Special Sneak Preview: Two new beers from Rochester Mills

  1. Josh, those have to be the ugliest beer cans I’ve seen in a long time. There’s nothing eye catching about the labels that would cause me to stop to look them over if I was perusing a shelf of unknown beers in a store.

    You can’t get a return customer if they’re not a customer to start with.

  2. Ox, as you can see on the labels they are just samples and not for sale.
    They just slapped a liner over another can that they sell.
    It’s like the ultimate of no judging the book by it’s cover.

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