Old Grand-Dad, Bottled-in-Bond

Maker: Jim Beam, Clermont, Kentucky, USAold-grand-dad-bonded

Style: High rye bourbon

Age: NAS (at least 4 years old)

Proof: 100 (50% ABV)

Appearance: Copper with long sticky legs.

Nose: Caramel, butterscotch blondies fresh from the oven, alcohol, cumin.

On the palate: Medium bodied and sweet. Burnt caramel, butterscotch, clove, lavender.

Finish: Corn syrup, dark toffee, fairly hot, long and warming.

Parting words: Old Grand-dad is an old brand, one of the classic “Olds”, the others being Crow, Taylor, Forester, Charter, Fitzgerald and a few others. It was one of the brands Beam acquired when they bought out National Distillers in 1987, the purchase which made them into a major player in the spirits world. While Olds Crow and Taylor were changed to the standard Jim Beam yeast and recipe (some might say they even “trashed” those brands), Beam continued to use the same recipe and even the same yeast strain for Old Grand-Dad. Other variables like proof off the still and into the barrel and warehousing did change though.

At any rate, Old Grand-dad’s vital statistics may have changed somewhat, but it is still one of the best bargains and best kept secrets in the bourbon world. For every poseur on a waiting list for Pappy Van Winkle there are 10 cases of Old Grand-dad being purchased and enjoyed by people who know the value of a solid, unpretentious whiskey. Old Grand-Dad BiB is recommended.

2 thoughts on “Old Grand-Dad, Bottled-in-Bond

  1. Thanks as always for the reviews, Josh.

    And I’m wondering, do you still prefer today’s OGD to 80’s ND OGD, as I’ve heard you mention on SB? I happen to like both, but the old stuff (which I can still find here and there) seems less hot to me, a little more comfortable in its skin without losing the rye bite.

    1. I do still prefer the current stuff, I think. The ND stuff I’ve had has way too much butterscotch, to the point where it overwhelmed the rye spice. I do agree with you about the current stuff being young, I wish it had a hair more age on it, but I’m not willing to pay Basil Hayden prices to get it!

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