Full Circle

Maker: New Holland

Style: Kölsch

ABV: 4.9%

Appearance: Bright gold with a foamy head.

Nose: Malt, some hoppy bitterness, light and lively. Similar to American pilsners.

On the palate: crisp, lightly hoppy with big malt character.

Finish: Bitter, with very little in the way of sweetness.

Parting words: Full Circle is something I drink more of in the summertime that the winter, but it is refreshing anytime. It tastes like what American beers like Bud, Miller and Rolling Rock should taste like. Fresh and clean with some light bitterness that goes well with spicey foods. A well-executed Kölsch. Recommended.

6 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Ehm…I mean is this a real “Kölsch” style beer? I thought Kölsch is only allowed to be brewed 30+ km around Cologne? At least from what I know. Would be interesting to taste this. Hard to get in Germany for sure 😉

    1. I did not know there was that restriction in Germany! I was just going by the label. I would love to try some authentic German Kölsch sometime, though!

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