My Two Ounces: My Sample Policy

My Two Ounces is a new occasional feature of this blog.  It’s basically me vomiting my opinion regarding something booze-related onto the internet.

This first one is more of a policy statement. I never thought this diary of my alcohol use would get enough attention to be worth anyone’s attention, but I have already gotten an offer or two of free (I’m assuming) samples. I rejected the first offer simply because I realized I hadn’t thought the issue through. But I have now.

So here it is: I will accept samples. When I do, two things will happen and one thing won’t.

1) I will disclose, when reviewing that product, that I have received a free sample or otherwise gotten special treatment.

2) I will do my best to review that product promptly.

3) I will not guarantee a positive review.

So there it is.

2 thoughts on “My Two Ounces: My Sample Policy

  1. My policy? If you ask if you can send me something and I say okay, that means I agree to try it. I promise nothing else. One reason this makes sense is because most people don’t ask. I also don’t see any reason to disclose that I was given the sample at no cost. If if came in a Maserati maybe, but otherwise who cares? Do movie critics ever mention that they don’t have to buy tickets? Don’t worry, no will think you’re special.

  2. There’s a difference between amateurs (like me) and pros (like you). Professional movie critics don’t mention that they get free movie tickets because every informed reader knows they do. Whever I read a review or yours or Hansell’s or a review in a magazine, I always assume the reviewer has gotten a free sample. I also assume that the reviewer or publication receives enough free samples that he/she/it will not be swayed by a single sample. I think informed readers of yours and of whiskey publications assume the same.

    It is different for amateur bloggers. Most blogs of this sort are labors of love (not to say that yours or the BCR isn’t!). We expect to labor in obscurity, so when we get an offer of a freebie we feel flattered or as if we’ve “arrived”. I don’t have enough confidence in my own abilty to resist feeling flattered, so I feel obliged to let the dozen or so people who visit this site know if I have received free samples or other special treatment. That’s no judgment on anybody else in my position who doesn’t do what I do. Their actions speak for themselves.

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