One thought on “Video Review: Larceny Barrel Proof

  1. As usual, a worthwhile expenditure of a few minutes, Josh. Thanx for taking it upon yourself ‘early’ this time, and not waiting 3-years…Ha! I have to agree almost entirely with the impressions you called out. That doesn’t happen all that often; but, in discussing Larceny BP my palate and yours are in near-perfect alignment. I also agree with the statement that it provides a pretty good value at $50… or low-fifties, I suppose. As the price approaches $60, I’d probably remain on the sidelines. I find it different enough in the sipping than most other options at this price point that I’ll keep a bottle open all the time, and likely pour it fairly regularly. I’d say, if one finds Old Fitz options (assuming one has experience considering the rather limited distribution of recent years) this Bourbon should be pleasing. I do NOT include the recent high-end Old Fitz BIB (decanter) limited edition releases as a comparison point. That Bourbon is aged significantly longer, and, in my opinion is batched for a rather more discerning palate; and, to sell for considerably more $$.
    Thanx for taking the time and providing an entertaining interlude, my friend.

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