Sandhill Crane Strawberry

Maker: Sandhill Crane Vineyards, Jackson, Michigan, USAwp-1471463533730.jpg

Place of origin: Michigan, USA

Vintage: NV

ABV: 11%

Price: $16/375 ml

Appearance: Dark, brassy pink.

Nose: Strawberry jam.

Palate: Full bodied. Strawberry pie filling.

Finish: Fruit salad with ripe in-season strawberries, as opposed to those pale, tasteless Florida or California ones you get in the fall or winter.

Parting words: Of all the summer berries, strawberries are probably my least favorite. Years of being forced to make due with crap, imported strawberries (see above) took their toll and I now view strawberries as the opening act to blueberries and cherries.This wine is changing my mind though. It captures the essence of strawberries at their very best in late May or early June, perfectly ripe and sweet, but not sticky or cloying. Perfect chilled on the patio after dinner on a humid summer evening.

The price is admittedly high for a fruit wine, but this and the raspberry dessert wine are Sandhill’s best in the dessert category. It’s limited edition so this year’s iteration may be sold out already, but if you can find it Sandhill Crane Strawberry wine is recommended.

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