¿querry?, 2013

Maker: Bonny Doon, King City, California, USA2016-02-16-18.01.30.jpg.jpeg

Style: Pear/apple/quince cider (62%/36%/2%)

ABV: 6.9%

Purchased for $12

Appearance: Light gold

Nose: Canned Bartlett pears, apple juice from concentrate, leather, fresh fig. As it warms, a faint varnish aroma emerges.

Palate: Tart up front, then the pear and what I assume are tannic quince flavors take over. Some apple juice in the background.

Finish: Tannic, then tart. Long-lasting.

Parting words: Bonny Doon is best known for their cigare volant wine series. Those have weird, UFO-themed packaging, but are serious, delicious wines. Here the weirdness is all in the bottle, not on it. Querry is simultaneously very tart and very tannic but with enough sweetness to keep it drinkable. It’s too extreme to be a go-to, but as an occasional cider or something to share with adventurous friends it works. Pretty food friendly too. 2013 is the current release. A sparkling 2011 is also listed on the Bonny Doon website. Querry is recommended.

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