The Sipology Whiskey Blog Name Generator

Ever thought of starting your own whiskey or whisky blog? You’re not alone! Thousands of people start their own whiskey blogs every day. Anybody can do it, not just unemployed, rich and/or crazy people (although all those help). The first thing you need is a good name. Sipology Blog is here to help with that. To pick the first part of your nom de blog, find your birth month below:

January- Whiskey

February- Whisky

March- Bourbon

April- Scotch

May- Sip

June- Booze

July- Coopered

August- [Your first name]’s

September- [Your full name]

October- Sku’s

November- Dram

December- Red, White &

Now, for the second part, pick the date of your birthday.

  1. Blog
  2. Manifesto
  3. Tot
  4. And Ice Cream
  5. Whisky Whisky
  6. Guy
  7. Dude
  8. Bloke
  9. n’ Corn
  10. Bruh
  11. Woman
  12. Lady
  13. Lassie
  14. Mistress
  15. Girl
  16. Witch
  17. Recent Eats
  18. Opinions
  19. Truth
  20. Tot
  21. Reviewerer
  22. Jug
  23. Jugs
  24. Drinker
  25. -ator
  26. -ology
  27. -r
  28. -ing
  29. Fellow
  30. Republic
  31. Bourbon
  32. Whisky Whisky
  33. Whisk(e)y

If the name you picked already exists, just roll six dice and subtract three from the total. Then find the number above. Add that onto the name you already had.

Now pick a blog hosting site, get a twitter handle, pick a fight with a well-known blogger or distiller and then sit back and watch the samples come rolling in! Best of luck!

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