Old Crow Reserve

Maker: Jim Beam, Clermont/Frankfort, Kentucky, USAOld Crow Res

Age: 4 y/o

Proof: 86 (43% ABV)

Michigan State Minimum: $11

Appearance: pale copper, thin wispy legs.

Nose: Alcohol, cumin, dumpster, Romaine lettuce

On the palate: Soft, medium bodied. Alcohol, caramel, parsley.

Finish: Alcohol, more dumpster. Fades quickly, thank God.

Parting words: I wanted to give this a more positive review, I really did, but it’s just not good at all. I was planning on saying this was another missed opportunity for a good line extension of a heritage brand, much like Early Times 354. It is that, but while ET 354 was dull, Old Crow Reserve is just bad. Four years old is not very old for a bourbon, but it’s usually long enough for some of the funk to be taken off, but it actually seems to have increased in this case. I could say more, but nothing needs to be said. If you are desperate for alcohol to put into cola, this might be acceptable. Otherwise, it doesn’t work at all on any level. One of the worst bourbons I’ve had. Old Crow Reserve is not recommended.

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