Frankenmuth Oktoberfest

Maker: Frankenmuth Brewing, Frankemuth, Michigan, USA (Some brewing contracted to Stevens Point, Stevens Point, Wisconsin)IMG_20130916_195706

ABV: 5.27%

Purchased for: $8.99/6 pack (before tax)

Appearance: Dark copper with a big foamy head.

Nose: Malt, a bit of plum, dash of hops.

On the palate: Medium bodied, malty and a little sweet. Toasty malt, a bit of stone fruit and plenty of bitterness and effervescence to keep things interesting.

Finish: lingering and bitter, but pleasantly so. A little bit of stickiness lingers on the lips for a while.

Parting words: Frankenmuth Michigan is a quaint (OK, touristy) town in Mid-Michigan with a Bavarian theme. It is known for touristy shops, fried chicken dinners and indoor water park resort hotels. Frankenmuth brewery operates a fairly large brewpub that has taken from the independent brewery that operated in Frankenmuth from the mid nineteenth century through the end of the twentieth century. The current Frankenmuth specializes in American versions of German-style beers. They don’t have sufficient capacity to supply all their needs so they do contract out some of their brewing, as noted above.

Oktoberfest is not particularly nuanced or complex but it’s balanced and as good as any other American “Oktoberfest” beers I have had. It’s easy drinking and very food friendly. I had one with a meal of smoked corned beef and garlic mashed potatoes, and it went very well with the meal. Brats, polish sausage or a meaty pizza would go well with it too. The price is pretty much standard for a microbrew. Frankenmuth Oktoberfest is recommended.

4 thoughts on “Frankenmuth Oktoberfest

  1. Hi Josh,

    Thank you for your review of our Oktoberfest! We appreciate you taking the time to write about our Brewmaster’s favorite beer.

    One correction I would just like you to note… We do not contract brew! We have what is called an AP or Alternating Proprietorship agreement in place with Stevens Point. It’s different than a contract brew for the following reasons; The facility legally becomes Frankenmuth Brewery once we arrive to brew! We send our Brewmaster, Jeff Coon out to their facility to brew our beer rather than sending our recipe to a on-premise production brewer. This gives us the opportunity to make sure our brews are 100% up to our/Jeff’s standards… It would be like sending a baker to utilize another kitchen rather than just sharing his recipe and having someone else try to emulate it! We believe utilizing an AP rather than contract brewing makes a huge difference as it relates to the quality of our selections.

    Thanks again,

    Charles Osberger
    Frankenmuth Brewery

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