Hell or High Watermelon

Maker: 21st Amendment, San Francisco, California, USAH or HW
Style: Watermelon wheat beer.
ABV: 4.9%
Thanks to Rhiannon for the cans.
Appearance: Not sure, drank it out of the can.
Nose: Sweet watermelon, a touch of cereal and tropical fruit.
On the palate: Fizzy and mild. Watermelon, banana pudding, cream of wheat.
Finish: Crisp. Watermelon with some lingering bitterness.
Parting words: Fruit beers are getting more respect these days, at least from me. This is a fantastic summer beer. Crisp and refreshing but with the weight and fruit of a wheat beer. The tropical fruit already present is complemented perfectly by the watermelon. It’s not particularly complex or a “meditation beer” but it’s perfectly refreshing and delicious. It’s runs at typical micro prices, judging by what I saw online. It’s not available locally. Hell or High Watermelon is recommended.

2 thoughts on “Hell or High Watermelon

  1. Totally with you on this one. Had it for the first time several years ago and have always managed to pick up at least one six pack every summer. Two years ago, I called it a fantastic thirst quencher of a beer. Other beers have overshadowed it to a degree, but I still enjoy this every now and again. Interestingly enough, the guys liked this better than the ladies.

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