Saint-Denis calling!

Réunion island is a fairly small island in the Indian Ocean 586 miles east of Madagascar and 141 miles west of Mauritius. It’s an overseas department of France and as such it is a part of the Eurozone. According to Wikipedia, it is home to around 840,000 people and is about 970 square miles in area. It is also home to quite a few readers of this blog, or perhaps just one very dedicated reader.

One of the great features of Word Press blogs is the views by country feature. Over the past seven days, the top countries by number of views were:

1. U.S.A. 620

2. Canada 32

3. Réunion 14

4. U.K. 13

5. Australia & France (mainland) 9

Over the past 30 days, Réunion has the second most views after the U.S. and the third most in the current quarter.

I don’t know anyone from Réunion. I have never been there or anywhere even close. So what’s going on? I don’t know, but I want to know.

So please, mes amis Réunionnais, show yourselves and tell me how you found Sipology and what you like or dislike about it!

4 thoughts on “Saint-Denis calling!

  1. WOW! The World Wide Web is indeed an amazement to those of us who grew up as T-V was just becoming common. It is soooo cool that we can have these contacts worldwide now.
    Josh; you’ll have to post whatever you learn about the fans living on Reunion Island.
    I’m jazzed to know more.

  2. Well I actually live in reunion Island and I don’t really remember how I did find out about your blog. All I know is that I like it, even though I’ll never be able to try these bottles down here, I think it’s always good for an aspiring bartender to learn about what he doesn’t know.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jason! The web is a funny place. I’m glad you found your way over to this corner of it. Just out of curiosity, what can you get in Reunion? I’m assuming you have good access to French wine, but what about beer and spirits, especially whiskey?

  3. Well we do get some rather good french wines but the problem is that the older ones don’t handle the transport quite well. On the other side we get a fair share of good belgian beers but not that much diversity in international beers apart from the belgians ones. For Spirits, pretty much everything is rubbish here. You might get some good scotch whisky and some decent Gin once in a while. You would expect amazing rhums but there’s only two distilleries on the Island, one who produces a bad rhum and an other one who produces “okay” rhum. I lived a year in Australia and worked as a bartender there and it’s in comparison to what I had there that I judge what we get here. If you would like to review a few local spirits we get here, I would be more then happy to give you the names and if necessary send them other to your place.

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