Chateau de Leelanau Cherry Wine

Maker: Chateau de Leenenau, Sutton’s Bay, Michigan, USA

Region: Michigan, USA

ABV: 9.5%

Appearance: Translucent brick red. Like a ruby or unscooped raspberry or cherry jelly in a glass jar.

Nose: Slightly tart cherries, sweetness.

On the palate: Light-bodied and sweet. Sweet cherries, a touch of tartness. Not much else going on.

Finish: Sweet and light. Slightly tart.

Parting words: After tasting what Black Star Farms, Chateau Chantal and St. Julian do with their cherry wines, Chateau de Leenlenau is a disappointment. It’s not unpleasant. It could hit the spot on a hot afternoon or evening if properly chilled. But Michigan cherry wine can be so much more interesting than this. Sadly this wine was the best one at the tasting room, too. The folks at CDL are nice people, but I can’t bring myself to recommend this wine. There are better options for your cherry wine dollar.

4 thoughts on “Chateau de Leelanau Cherry Wine

  1. Interesting reaction, as this wine was just awarded a best in class fruit wine from the Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition. Several Master Sommeliers are part of the judging.

      1. Hi Josh, I couldn’t help but notice how absolutely wrong you were about the CDL Cherry Wine. It makes me wonder if you need to try some of our other wines over again… Feel free to contact me via email if you can bring yourself to give them another chance.

        2012 Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition Results
        Best of Class Winners
        Dry White Wine
        Chateau Fontaine – 2011 Pinot Blanc
        Dry Red Wine
        Shady Lane Cellars – 2010 Blue Franc
        Semi-Dry White Wine
        Fenn Valley Vineyards – 2011 Vignoles Reserve
        Sparkling Wine
        L. Mawby – Blanc de Blancs
        Dessert Wine
        Lawton Ridge Winery – 2011 Late Harvest Vignoles
        Fruit Wine
        Chateau de Leelanau – Cherry Wine
        Judges’ Merit Award
        L. Mawby – Blanc de Noirs
        Sponsors of the 2012 Gold Medal Reception

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