Great King Street

Maker: Compass Box, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Age: NAS

ABV: 43%

Appearance: Golden straw, with long elegant legs.

Nose: Classic Scotch blend nose. Toffee, butterscotch candy, lemongrass.

On the palate: Full-bodied and creamy.  A little heat, then rich taffy, toffee and assorted hard candies with a soft kiss of peat and a hint of ginger.

Finish: Luxurious finish. The ginger races to the front in the finish, complemented by the peat and the heat. Wonderful.

Parting Words: After my disappointment with White Horse, I wasn’t expecting any more than a pleasant, refreshing dram from this. But now, unfortunately, my expectations of blended Scotch have been raised again. Great King Street is refreshing and easy drinking, as a blend should be, but also complex and interesting. Great King street is put out by American-born John Glaser’s Compass Box Co., creator of a series of great blended malts including the Peat Monster, Eleuthera, Flaming Heart and many, many more. Great King Street is highly recommended.

8 thoughts on “Great King Street

  1. Is this one of the scotches you’re bringing over to toast Rabbie Burns? Or do you think it would be too much for the women guests?

  2. I bought a bottle of this whisky as a Christmas present for a friend. I took a wee small sample, but alas, after an evening of fish and wine, my taste buds were malfunctioning. The buzz about this whisky has been good, and I have liked all of the Compass Box expressions that I have had so far, so I hope to spend some time with this whisky very very soon. Sounds delicious!


    PS… Highly amusing Twitter brawl with @whiskeygoldmine today. Heh

    1. It was very good. Might work better as a pre-supper, just-got-home-from-work kind of whisky.

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! It’s been a while since I had a good, old fashioned internet fight. Felt good.

      1. Based upon what I’ve read, that’s what they were going for. A casual, mixer friendly whisky. I have a review of the Asyla posting today. Based upon our respective reviews, I suspect that an Asyla vs. Artist’s Blend dram to dram comparison would be worth undertaking.

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