Canadian Club

Maker: Some distillery or distilleries in Canada (Beam Inc.)

Age: 6 y/o

ABV: 40%

Appearance: Copper with thick sticky legs.

Nose: Very faint maple sugar, alcohol, sherry, table grapes, a bit of oak.

On the palate: Full-bodied but very light in flavor. Sweet, with some wood, nutmeg and clove as a counterpoint.

Finish: Very long finish. Mostly hot, but with a bit of sweetness punctuated with solera sherry and sugar plum flavors.

Mixed: Does pretty well in an Old Fashioned. Lacks the punch and flavor to pull off a whisky sour.

Parting Words: I didn’t expect this to be too good, based on my past experience and honestly it wasn’t. My aim in reviewing Canadian Club was to establish a baseline for tasting Canadian whiskies. It works for that purpose. When it comes to taste, it’s not too bad but the nose is almost non-existent and the finish isn’t much better. All that said, it’s cheap, available in all sizes and does what it sets out to do. Canadian Club gets a mild recommendation.

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