Wild Turkey Rye

Maker: Wild Turkey, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky (Gruppo Campari)

Age: NAS

Proof: 101 (50.5% ABV)

Appearance:  Pale copper. Delicate pearl necklace in the glass.

Nose: Alcohol and maybe a bit of sweet corn, oak and hay.

On the palate: Hot and harsh. Thin body, burn out the wazoo. There’s a wimper of fruity rye character and then it just vanishes.

Finish: It actually starts to get interesting in the finish. Big burn at first, then a slow fade into a pleasant sweet tropical fruit flavor characteristic of young ryes. Too bad I had to drink it first.

Parting words: It had been a long time since I had purchased Wild Turkey Rye and I did not remember it being this bad, but I do remember it taking a long time to finish. I also tried it in a Sazerac cocktail to no avail, and it even ruined perfectly good ginger ale.

I have a friend who compares WT rye to diesel fuel. I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s certainly not very good at all. For a better look at what WT can do with rye, try the Russell’s Reserve Rye, or better yet get Sazerac rye or Rittenhouse BiB if they’re available in your area. Wild Turkey Rye is not recommended.

5 thoughts on “Wild Turkey Rye

  1. You and Oscar are crazy. This is one of the best entry Ryes in the market.

    This is real Rye. RR is neutered.

    1. Every drink out of my bottle is like getting punched in the throat. It is the only rye that I find undrinkable in any combination and I think that is sad as I am a huge Turkey fan.

  2. Whoa White Dog, somebody must have pulled your leash to tight and cut the air to your brain.
    I never said WT Rye was bad.
    Quite the opposite, I think WT Rye on the rocks is a great drink.
    May I present to the jury my May 16 2011 post number #25 on SB.com in the thread that I have linked to below.


    If link doesn’t work see the thread titled
    “Wild Turkey Russells Reserve Rye vs WT 101” in the “American Rye Whiskey” section.

    Sorry about this mess Josh, but I don’t know how I got dragged into this to begin with.
    Also I’ll be glad to take that bottle of WT Rye 101 off your hands.
    Hey, what are friends for?

    1. I was actually refering to Scott aka Callmeox, chien blanc. I didn’t want to correct you so as not to seem any more like a douche than I already do.

      I really intended to defend WT Rye in my review, I really did, but I just couldn’t. It just was not good at all. But to be fair, I’ve had very good bottles of WT 101 and awful ones, so I wonder if the problem isn’t consistancy more than anything.

      All that said, Oscar is kinda crazy. 😉 But that’s why we love ‘im.

      1. Sorry Oscar!! Don’t know why I thought it was you, when Ox is the major WTRye hater in question. My apologies!

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