Review: Bulleit Rye

Maker: Owned by Diageo, made at LDI, Lawrenceburg, Indiana (Angostura)

Age: NAS

Proof: 90 (45% ABV)

Appearance: New copper with faint thin legs.

Nose: Very light and mild. Alcohol, mango,and peppermint.

On the palate: Medium bodied, more tropical fruit sweetness, spearmint and Genoese Basil now instead of peppermint.

Finish: Hot and minty. Lots of tingle all over the mouth and lips. We’re back to peppermint again, but now with a bit of eucalyptus.

Parting Words: This rye has gotten some bad press online, but I found it perfectly adequate, and worthy of sipping and mixing. If you don’t like menthol flavors in your whiskey, you’re not going to like Bulleit Rye. I do, and I like it. I wouldn’t reach for it over Rittenhouse, but I would say it’s as good as Wild Turkey Rye and better than Beam’s. Diageo deserves some of the criticism it receives, but they deserve credit for putting a pretty good rye on the shelves and giving drinkers of American whiskey another option. Maybe they are starting to “get” American Whiskey again.

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