Review: Siren Amber Ale

Maker: North Peak, Traverse City, Michigan

Style: Amber Ale

ABV: 5%

Color: Amber with a fairly decent head. Good body.

Nose: Sweet and a bit funky, maybe slightly skunky. Meh.

On the palate: Some fruity sweetness with a strong bitter note.

Finish: A strong, unpleasant bitter taste that won’t go away. Like old, low-grade Gorgonzola cheese.

Parting Words: Wow, what a disappointing beer. I found myself virtually chugging these just to get them out of my fridge to make room for better beer. It wasn’t any worse than any macro-brewed ale of the same style, but why pay micro prices for macro quality? If you see it and feel tempted, pass on it and pick up some of Bud’s American Ale. Or better yet, get a good Michigan Microbrew.

3 thoughts on “Review: Siren Amber Ale

  1. There was some of this at the cottage last summer and no one liked it then either (I didn’t try it).

  2. Josh, what a disappointment!

    I was actually at this brewery a few weeks ago and they’ve started distilling their own spirits! (They also bottle wine, but they don’t have much control over it.) I asked to try their whiskey and it was REALLY good for a trial run. I thought that it was better than the Grand Traverse Distillery Whiskey. It’s not available for sale yet, but will be soon.

    They had a “Brown Ale” that wasn’t on the menu, that was excellent (but, I’m partial to brown ales). I’ll try to find the name of it. But, if you get a chance to visit TC, go and have a meal at the brewery. It was my favorite stop of the weekend. (perhaps I was very hungry!)

    @DITPL , Brad

    1. Great info, thanks Brad! I’m looking forward to trying that whiskey myself. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it up that way sometime in the next few months.

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