Now Drinking: Crispin Honey Crisp Natural Hard Cider (Artisanal Reserve Series)

Maker: Crispin Cider Co. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

ABV: 6.5%

Despite the name, this is not a cider made from the Honey Crisp apple variety, but a dry apple cider made with organic honey.

Color: cloudy lemonade

Nose: Lightly effervescent, slighty yeasty, tangy

On the palate: light, fresh, dry, with a slight crisp apple flavor, and pleasantly bittersweet bite-o-honey which balances out the dryness.

Finish: short but fresh and crisp

Parting words: Eminently refreshing, this is a great summertime cider or mealtime cider (think Sauv Blanc), that, obviously still does the job in the winter.  It pays to read the label on these bottles, though.  I managed to follow instructions with regard to serving it over ice (counterintuitive, but it works) but I forgot to give the bottle a swirl to disperse the sediment, as recommended.  So my second glass was cloudier and yeastier but it speaks well to the quality of the beverage that it still tasted great.  Very well done and a pleasant change of pace from the very dry blue label Crispin ciders (not that they aren’t good too).

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