Consecrator Dopplebock

Maker: Bell’s, Comstock, Michigan, USA2016-03-14-17.17.58.jpg.jpeg

ABV: 8%

Purchased for $15/6 pack (Hollywood Market, Madison Heights, Michigan)

Appearance: Ruddy brown with a short-lived head. Leaves a thin, lacy layer of foam on top.

Nose: Toasted malt, cherry juice, faint alcohol

Palate: Easy drinking but flavorful. Relatively fruity. Sweet, toasty malt, leather, plum juice.

Finish: mixed berry, hops, roasted malt.

Parting words: Bock is a style of beer that drinks like an ale but is brewed like a lager. It’s also one of my favorite styles. Bock has a long history in Germany but was hard to find in the US for many years. The microbrewer movement changed all that and now almost every small brewery makes one or more. The story goes that the style was originally made in the Lower Saxon town of Einbeck, but the name was corrupted to ein Bock (a billy goat) by brewers in Munich. That story sounds fishy to me, but beer history is not my field, so I’ll let it go for now. At any rate, most bocks carry a picture of one or more goats on the label as a play on the name.

Doppelbocks (i.e. double bocks) are brewed at a higher ABV than the standard bock. They usually have a name that ends in -ator as a tribute to the first brewers of the style, the Paulaner Franciscan friars, who called their beer Salvator. Consecrator is a good example of the style, but as noted above it shows more fruit than most. It still works very well, though. I don’t normally buy beer that’s this expense (I admit that I probably overpaid), but this one is just worth the price. Consecrator is recommended.

Atwater Winterbock

Maker: Atwater Brewery, Detroit, Michigan, USAATWATER_WINTER_BOTTLE

Style: High gravity bock.

ABV: 7.5%

Appearance: Chestnut with a short-lived foamy head.

Nose: Malt, prunes, dark toast.

On the palate: Medium bodied. Bitter with just a bit of sweetness and malt. Like the burnt drippings of off a mixed berry pie.

Finish: Fruitier, but fades into warm toastiness.

Parting words: Bock is one of my favorite styles of beer. This is a decent example and a decent beer. Still, I would have appreciated a little less bitterness, a little more sweetness and a lower price. Atwater Winterbock is mildly recommended.

Review: Atwater Winter Bock

Maker: Atwater Block Brewery (Detroit, Michigan)

Style: Bock

ABV: 7.5%

Color: dark chocolate brown

Nose: malty, sweet, barley

Palate: Malty, sweet, a hint of bitterness, lowfat milk, a bit of spice

Finish: long, slightly bitter, malty sweetness

Parting words: This one lives up to its billing.  It’s thick and rich and the sweetnes and ceareal notes were constantly taking me back to childhood breakfast tables.  For obvious reasons, it reminded me a bit of Founder’s Breakfast Stout.  A really excellent beer.  I think I’ll be getting me another six pack very soon.