Rebel Jack Hard Cider

Maker: Rebel Jack, Dexter, Michigan, USAwp-1465347138957.jpg

Style: Dry, bottle-conditioned hard apple cider.

ABV: 13%

Purchased for $16 (Holiday Market)

Appearance: Slightly cloudy medium gold. Effervescent.

Nose: Pineapple, unidentifiable spice, yeast, tannin, gouda cheese.

Palate: Medium dry, medium mouthfeel. A little brett, a little tannin. Fades to cheap moldy swiss cheese.

Finish: Bitter, musky finish. Fades to candle wax.

Parting words: This one started OK and finished awful. The website recommends that it be chilled and that does improve it but once that wears off, it’s very difficult to drink. I think they’re going for a Norman style dry cider here, but either this bottle is contaminated or they need to keep trying. For $16, this needs to be more than a work in progress. Rebel Jack Hard Cider is not recommended. They seem to have started with meads, hopefully those are better.