Review: Warre’s Warrior Porto Wine Reserve

Warre’s Warrior

Style: Ruby Port

Producer: Warre’s (Symington Family, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal)

ABV: 20%

For those who don’t know, ports are wines from portugal that are “fortified”.  They are allowed to ferment for a short time, then when the wine still has much of its sugar, brandy is added to kill the yeast and end fermentation.  This allows for a wine that is both high in alcohol and sweet.

Color: deep burgundy

Nose: blackberry jam, alcohol, black truffle

Palate: strawberries macerated in brandy, medium-heavy body, wild mushrooms

Finish: earthy, slow, with the slight gamy tang of wild blackberries

Parting words: The last port I bought was Graham’s Six Grapes which was quite tasty, but this is another beast entirely.  Warrior is an apt name.  Its earthy complexity makes it a force to be reckoned with.